Infocrea Oy in English

Infocrea Oy offers content idea and production services concentrating to the applications and services based on information and communications technologies. Infocrea was established in 1992 by Jarmo Lahti.

Contents can be live video streams, recorded video, articles and press releases or audio synchronized with photos using Infocrea Oy’s own QUICKprese-service (in early beta so far). And different combinations of these and also other kinds on contents.

After graduating as MSc.EE from Technical University of Helsinki in late 1970´s Jarmo has - before starting Infocrea Oy - gained tens of years of experience as reporter, managing editor, editor-in-chief and development manager of editorial systems in leading Finnish techno-economical publishing companies. He has produced ideas and content targeting as well professional users as consumers via newspapers, magazines and digital services.

Jarmo has been active also in virtual communities since bulletin board systems in 1980´s so social media culture is almost in his dna:-)

You can find Jarmo’s contact information here